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7715 North Oak Trafficway
Kansas City, MO 64118

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We help kids ignite their spark,
feed the flame to help them shine,
and inspire them to illuminate the world through art.

You are an awesome parent!  You are here looking to find something that will enrich your child's life.  Because you took the time to come to this site, I know one thing about you.  As a parent you want your child to THRIVE in life.  But how do you do that?  We have found the answer!  The formula to a thriving child is to help them find what they love (their spark), support them in developing that spark (feed the flame) with the help of spark champions (like our amazing teachers and YOU), and give them opportunities to show off what they've learned, illuminating the world!  This is a researched and proven approach applied to our excellent arts education program. Why the arts?  Great question!  It has been found that most children and teen's sparks tend to be in the area of the arts.   

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My daughter loves art and theater and has been working with Andi for over a year learning and growing with each class. Andi clearly loves what she does, and her passion engages her students and ignites a love of all things artistic!


Spark Spot is the perfect studio for my granddaughter. She became interested in dance at an older age. Andi has been patient and kind in helping her develop skills, expand her knowledge of dance, and building up her self-esteem.

This studio is great for children and youth of all ages, skills, and talents.

Very reasonably priced. Dedicated and loving owner and instructor.


The dances and costumes are very age appropriate, which I appreciate as a mom. Also, we had our daughter's 5th birthday party with Andi, and it was a blast! I had to do nothing but sit back and enjoy the kids. The best part- all of the kids took home their original 8X10 paintings, and they were all so proud of their work and finished products.

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