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To help kids thrive, we work with them to find their spark,

feed the flame to help them shine,

and inspire them to illuminate the world through art.

Started in January of 2014 as Revolutions Arts Center, the company was started as a spark in the mind of Andi Gilbertson, grew into a dream, and then a reality in places around Kansas City including the basement of a church, in a warehouse space, and in the back of an office building.  In 2016 due to health issues, the center was temporarily closed so Andi could heal and care for the new addition in the Gilbertson's life.  This dream stewed constantly in Andi's mind through the years.  Now, returning as the Spark Spot, this business is ready to devote to celebrating each child, recognizing them as precious gifts, and teaching them how to grow to be amazing adults with their own spark. We are here to help kids find their spark, feed their flame to help them shine, and inspire them to illuminate the world through art.


The Gilbertsons

This company is a family owned and run business.  Andi may be the instructor of most classes and the face you will see the most but her husband Jason is officially her sounding board, team support, and general jack of all trades.  Their son Tristin is the official product tester.  If he is not into a class, we know it needs to be tweaked until he is happy.  

Andi has been a dancer since the age of 6 growing up learning from many amazing teachers around the country.  She had the opportunity to dance professionally for a few years but her main claim to fame is her 26 year record of teaching at dance studios in the Kansas City and Columbia, MO areas.  In the area of theater, Andi has performed in over 30 plays starting on stage at age 8 as Annie.  Andi also has a talent for visual arts and loves to draw, paint, and sculpt.  As a child, the arts were her outlet and she was lucky to have the opportunity to find her spark at such a young age.  Now its her time to ignite the sparks in the next generation.  

Raven's Headshot.jpg

Mrs. Raven Tenny Neff

Mrs. Raven recently graduated from BYU-Idaho in April of 2022 with a major in Art Education. Though she may seem shy around other adults at first, Mrs. Raven truly LOVES people and is great with kids! In her spare time Mrs. Raven enjoys reading fantasy novels, watching children's cartoons, and learning random new things that have nothing to do with her career (like Javascript, or Dutch). In her own words, "I like proving to myself that I can do hard things."

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