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Every child is an artist. ~ Pablo Picasso

Let us help you nurture and enrich your most precious little artist through our arts-based preschool.  Each class will give your child the opportunity to learn, grow, and create as they become amazing little beings that light the world!  Our curriculum is designed to offer time in creative movement, visual arts, music, yoga, physical fitness, and dramatic play. Each month is surrounded around a theme like Space Explorers or Candy Cane Lane and will bring in concepts that help get them get ready for kindergarten and beyond.  In addition to the arts education side of things, we will be focusing on social and emotional development through our affirmations meetings and character talks.  This program is a secular-based education that focuses on teaching kids how to thrive.  Though we will celebrate seasons and birthdays, none of our activities will highlight or discriminate against anyone's beliefs and all focus will be on celebrating the children in our program. 

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We are hiring additional teachers at this time, one Program Director and one Teacher who will have Early Education background and have a spark for caring for children, and a few additional arts educators that are qualified to teach their genre of art to young children. And of course, Mrs. Andi will also be here to teach dance and theatre and manage the program to make sure we are offering an impeccable experience. We will announce our instructors as they sign their offer letters so you know who will be with your children throughout our program.

Ages and Times?

Monday and Wednesdays 9AM-12PM for ages 3-4

Tuesdays and Thursdays 9AM-12PM for ages 4-5


Our program will have a maximum of 12 children in each group.  With at least 2 staff on site at all times, that is a ratio of 1:6.  When arts educators are on site, that ratio can be a low as 1:3!  We do this to make sure your child is getting a quality education while in our program.

Program Dates?

September 19th-May 19th (30 weeks total)

We will be closed Mon.-Thur. of the week of Thanksgiving, Dec. 19th-Jan. 8th for the Winter Break, and March 20th-24th for Spring Break. 


Rates: $100 Enrollment Fee

$200 Monthly Tuition


Our daily routine looks like:

9AM-9:30AM Morning Affirmations, Meeting, and Greeting

9:30AM-10:00AM Imagination Stations

10:00AM-10:30AM First class in Music, Dance, Theater, or Visual Arts (will get all four sessions each week)

10:30AM-11:00AM Snack Time

11:00AM-11:30AM Second class in Music, Dance, Theater, or Visual Arts (will get all four session each week)

11:30AM-12:00PM Round Up and Character Talks


We are big sticklers on safety here.  Our drop off and pick up system makes sure that no one unauthorized has access to your child.  Our locked door and doorbell system while program is in session is to make sure no one enters without authorization.  Each of our staff will be CPR and First aid certified and registered in the MO State Family and Child Safety Registry.  For more information on policies and practices we have in place to keep you child safe, just ask!  We will be happy to fill you in.

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