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The Spark Spot at Tiny Hearts Learning Center

Welcome Tiny Hearts Families!  We are so excited to be providing your center with amazing arts education this spring.  To sign up for class, just click register!  

Class Attire:

We don't need anything special for this class.  Kids can wear anything to class as long as it allows them to move and groove.  We will be dancing barefoot (or in socks if they prefer) so kids can build their balance naturally without the hinderance of shoes.

About your teacher:

With our dance classes, you get our owner as your instructor!  Mrs. Andi has been dancing since she was your child's age, was a professional ballerina with the Baton Rouge Ballet for a time, but her claim to fame is really her 25 years of dance education experience, her elementary education background, and her passion for teaching age-appropriate dance technique to kids of all ages.  She is excited to have your little one in her class!

About the Bitty Burst Bash:

At the end of 8 weeks your dancers will have a bunch of dance knowledge and a new routine they will be able to show off at the

Bitty Burst Bash


Saturday, May 20th

at 3:00 PM


The Spark Spot Arts Education Center,

7715 North Oak Trafficway.

This short performance will be followed up by a bit of family fun and some refreshments.  Performers will need to wear their Bitty Burst Bash Performance T-Shirt and black shorts.  This t-shirt fee is just $15 and can be added on to your tuition fee when you register. Though this event and performance is completely optional, it is sure to be a great experience for your dancer and a wonderful way to help him or her celebrate their accomplishments! 

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