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Youth Services Consulting


Let us know about your obstacle so we can help you shine!

Thanks for reaching out. Jason or I will be in touch soon!

Dear amazing person,

First of all, let me start by saying, I am so glad to speak with another beautiful person devoting their life to the betterment of our world through youth education.  I love that you are seeking ways to improve what or how you offer the best to our kiddos. Sometimes that can be hard to do.  So give yourself a well deserved pat on the back for taking the step to check out our page. Let me now ease your mind a bit by saying where you see obstacles, we see opportunity!  We see an amazing opportunity to lend an ear to our fellow youth development specialists and help you overcome and thrive in providing the best for our future leaders.  Let our combined 50+ years of youth education and development, especially in the areas of before and after school programming, summer day camp programming, arts education, and enrichment and recreation join your team for a bit to help you take that next step.  

What we can offer to you:

  • Consultation phone call or zoom meeting.

Schedule a block of time with us to give us your thoughts and we will give you ideas!  Have a staffing issue?  We've got you!  Have a program that is starting and want to make sure all your ducks are in order?  We can help with that too!  

  • Onsite or virtual trainings.

Bring in one or both of us (we are great as a pair) to amp up your staff trainings.  We can offer things like organization, games, leadership, and more.  

  • Curriculum building.

Have some bored kiddos?  Let us help you create a great program that will have them begging their parents to let them stay longer at pick up time.

Who are we?

What a great question!  We are Jason and Andi Gilbertson.  When I (Andi) met Jason in 1998, I knew right away he was the guy for me.  He met my giant gaggle of younger siblings and jumped in to entertain them.  He played with them, made them laugh, and was just magical around the kids.

At the time, he was hunting for what he wanted to do in life, so I convinced him to come work with me at Park Hill School District's Adventure Club program to shine as a before and after school teacher.  The two of us have been attached ever since.

Together, Jason and I have a combined career in youth development of 50 years.  We have worked for school age services through Park Hill School District, North Kansas City School District, the YMCA, Turner Recreation Commission, and Smithville School District.  Outside of school age services, I have served as a youth director for 3 local churches for a combined 6 years, have run preschool programs, and have taught children of all ages in the arts (to include acting, creative writing, dance, music, and visual arts) for 18 different arts organizations. I have a degree in Business Management and Elementary Arts Education. 

 Jason has been a coach and PE teacher for Missouri City Schools, has run multiple sports based camps around the Kansas City area, and has also worked in special education for 8 years.  His degree is in Special Education with multiple classes in Sports broadcasting.

Now Jason is currently the Area Director for Innovation Learning, Smithville School District's Before and After and Summer Day Camp program, and the coach of our son's multiple sports teams.  I am currently the full-time leader of our company, The Spark Spot, providing arts education, preschool education, and family building events in our town.

We love offering our knowledge and service to other like minded people as our goal is to help kids thrive! 

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